Our Story

Our brand was created on the foundations of over 20 years built tradition of the Afrodita family business, which is loved since 1997. The new generation is now continuing the tradition, in a new direction, adapted to the modern age. We are going in a new direction, while maintaining the core values ​​of our brand, which are high quality materials, organic products and customer health in the first place.

AFRODITA + is a company that exist since 2019 as a result of women’s entrepreneurship of two sisters. It is a family business, and that family, apart from the owner’s sisters, also includes all its employees, customers and consumers. We are engaged in the production of hygiene and cosmetic products for women. For now, our products are sanitary pads, cotton pads, cotton wool and maternity pads, and all our products are created from natural and organic materials.


Our mission is to make the lives of our women easier, carefree and healthier with our products, activities and other contributions, increase women’s awareness of intimate health issues, the dangers it faces and encourage positive change in their lives. Therefore +. Plus for health. Plus for a better life. Plus for positive change.

Our products

Natural and healthy products for your protection, care, beauty and health. The best choice for your intimate health and future.

a) We care about your health
b) We use natural materials
c) We protect our planet
d) FSC / PEFC certified sustainable materials
e) Not tested on animals

Sanitary pads

Sanitary pads made of completely natural, certified sustainable materials, which do not dry out or irritate the skin and do not have a harmful effect on intimate health.

They are suitable for all days of the menstrual cycle. Free of perfumes, dyes, chlorine, plastic polymers of petroleum origin and any other harmful ingredients.

Cotton Pads

Only 100% organic cotton and nothing else.


They are made of a special high-quality cotton, with high compactness that does not release fibers during use – it does not leave traces of cotton fibers on the skin and nails. They are characterized by exceptional tenderness, softness and high absorption power.


Ideal for removing make-up, nail polish, use with micellar water and numerous other cosmetic and medical treatments.

Cotton wool

Only 100% organic cotton – and nothing else !

The most delicate type of cotton that provides exceptional absorption power.

Ideal for removing make-up, nail polish, use with micellar water, and numerous cosmetic and medical treatments.

Maternity pads

The most gentle and natural protection. They are made of 100% organic cotton in a cotton mesh.

Recommended by doctors, for new mothers, pregnant women, women with sensitive skin, wounds, gynecological problems and women who have had surgery or have previously had problems with intimate health.

Why Afrodita+

1. Natural materials

It is time to return to the nature. Afrodita+ products are made from a small number of simple, natural and healthy materials.


– Organic cotton

All our cotton products are made from 100% organic cotton. It is gentle on the skin, soft and provides great absorption power.


– Sustainable cellulose pulp

Our sanitary napkins are made from all-natural cellulose pulp produced in Sweden, in environmentally sustainable systems. This material comes from sustainable forests of Nordic spruce and pine, and is produced without the use of harmful chlorine in the bleaching process. It is produced by Europe’s largest producer, which is the largest private forest owner in the world, and for each tree cut-down they plant a new one. This, as well as FSC and PEFC certificates, is a confirmation of a sustainable forest management process of environmental, social and economic benefits. This pulp serves as a natural layer for absorbing liquids, which does not dry out the skin and does not harm intimate health, unlike plastic polymers of petroleum origin, which perform this function in modern pads.


2. Free of perfumes, dyes and other chemicals

All our products are made without the presence of artificial perfumes, dyes, chlorine and any other chemicals that can be harmful to the skin or intimate health.


3. Intimate health

Unnatural modern sanitary pads contain various toxic materials such as dioxins from bleaches, artificial colors, perfumes, and most harmful, industrial chemicals of petroleum origin used in the production of synthetic plastics (“polymers”), which increase the absorbency of these pads in a very unnatural and harmful way – by dehydration. All these chemicals enter the body of women throughout their lives, through the highly permeable skin of the vaginal area, and cause many disorders and diseases such as allergic rashes, hormonal disorders, irregular menstruation, infertility, ectopic pregnancies, cervical cancer, etc.

In contrast, Afrodita+ pads are made of specially selected natural materials and perform their function by a natural absorption process, without dehydrating the skin, and because they do not contain toxic chemicals, they are not harmful to intimate health.


4. Recommended by a doctor

As a confirmation of the stated absence of harmful effects for women’s health and the importance of natural materials, the recommendations by doctors also testify. Many gynecologists recommend natural products to their patients, especially maternity pads to all new mothers, pregnant women and women with sensitive skin or women who have problems with intimate health. Here is what one of the best doctors of gynecology in our country, prof. dr sci. Elmira Haider said:
“… As a doctor, I can say that today most useful things, such as cosmetics and shampoos, are made from refined oil. This can lead to hormonal imbalance. Women who suffer from severe menstrual cramps can expect improvement if they start using cotton and organic pads. Your health does not require a large amount of money. Just choose a slightly higher quality, natural cotton pad for the most sensitive part of your body. My recommendation is Lana. “


5. We are environmentally responsible

As a socially responsible company, Afrodita+ itself participates in the management of packaging waste in order to reduce global pollution and achieve the UN goals of sustainable development.

Also, in order for a manufacturer to be in our supply chain, it must be an environmentally sustainable company, so all materials we use are sustainable materials certified by all environmental certificates such as FSC, PEFC, OEKO-TEX and others. Let’s save our planet because there is no PLANet B.


6. Equality of women

Everything that Afrodita+ does, it does with one thing in mind: our women.

Our consumers are women and with our products we take care of their needs, care, beauty, health and life. We think about it while producing current products, but also while developing new ones.

Apart from the fact that women are our customers, they are also our owners, directors, but also most of our employees. Therefore, our guideline is “from women to women”, and our goal is to help women go through their fast modern life more carefree, happier, healthier and more equal.

7. ISO Certified

Afrodita+ products are made in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but according to the EU quality standards. This is confirmed by three ISO certificates we own: ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 i ISO 22000:2018.